Year in Review

After getting adjusted academically and socially to college my first year, my second year has been a time where I have grown as a person and as a leader.

This year, I have gotten much more involved on campus as an Ohio State Welcome Leader, a Financial committee member for the Residence Halls Advisory Council, and as a training RA for the next school year. I chose to take on these responsibilities because I wanted to be more active in resLife, meet new people, and give back to OSU. My living experience my first year was phenomenal and I wanted to help create that same environment for the incoming and returning students at OSU. In addition, taking on these responsibility roles helped me grow as a person. Preparing to be an RA has grown my leadership skills and the RA class I have taken has helped me learn how to communicate better with others and taught me about different viewpoints my peers have.

This year I also had the opportunity to meet many people because of how involved I became on campus. This allowed me to branch out and and gave me new experiences I didn’t have my first year because I was still trying to get adjusted academically to OSU. Moreover, I feel less stressed compared to last year because I have been able to balance my academic and social life well this year. Overall, this year I feel much less stressed and happier I am able to get more involved and meet more people.