Planning and Management Experience:

Ohio State Welcome Leader of Autumn 2015:

As an Ohio State Welcome Leader, I learned how to organize as a team to help hundreds of students move into their residence halls while creating a welcoming environment for them to come to.

Finance Committee Council  Member for the Residence Halls Advisory Council:

As a member of the finance Committee, I have learned how to budget and read expense reports to distribute funds.

The Residence on Tenth’s Hall Council Member:

As a hall council member I have learned how to plan and coordinate public events.

Resident Advisor at Morrison tower for 2016-2017:

As a Resident Advisor I am learning how to plan events, foster, and monitor a community.



My Artifacts and Experiences my Second year at OSU

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(3 Artifacts)

Coming into Ohio State as a second year, I wanted to get more involved in residence life to improve all resident’s experience at OSU. In order to do this, I joined RHAC’s (The Residence Halls Advisory Council) Finance Committee, F.U.N (The Residence on Tenth’s Hall Council), and worked as an OWL (Ohio State Welcome Leader). As a member of the RHAC finance committee, we look over grant requests that are aimed to better OSU’s residents’ experience living on campus and decide how much of our funds we can contribute to make those programs possible. As a member of the hall council for The Residence on Tenth’s Hall Council we review possible activities we can do to strengthen the bond between the residence halls and their residents. Creating bonds among upperclassmen at OSU can be hard when everyone already has established friendship groups their freshman year. Continuing to find and form more friendships is something that is important to me. In order to accomplish this, I worked as an OWL before school started. Not only did I help residents move in, I also helped create a community for us to all move into.

Art Edu artifact

In order to broaden my horizons I attended a lecture of the author Wil Haygood, coming as a guest speaker to OSU. During the lecture he focused on presenting his new book Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination That Changed America. He not only discussed the books he wrote, he also discussed the many issues facing and faced by the African American community regarding representation, discrimination, and barriers to equality in society. By going the the lecture of Wil Haygood I learned that I, as an Arab, Palestinian, and Muslim, resonate with many of these issues that African Americans faced and continue to face in United States of America


One of my goals for this year was to obtain a Resident Advisor position at OSU. I am happy to say that I was chosen to be an RA for next year at Morrison Tower. I am excited for the position as I will get to help welcome (back) students to OSU and have a hand in creating an inclusive and active community at Morrison and on my floor. In addition, this position will help improve my leadership skills.


This year I was able to take my first trip to Canada, specifically Toronto, as an International Affairs Scholar. This trip allowed me to see a new country I have never seen before and broaden my horizons. Two of the most educational places I went two while in Toronto were the Royal Ontario Museum and the Aga Khan Museum. The Royal Ontario Museum was not only interesting but it was filled with many artifacts and relics that allowed me to visualize the past. In addition, the Aga Khan museum taught me a lot about the different Spiritual beliefs of a branch of Islam as well as art around the Islamic world.

About Me

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Hello, My name is Zachariah Alkhayri and I am a 2nd year student at The Ohio State University. I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and am a part of the International Affairs Scholars.

I have lived in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio for  my whole life and as a Palestinian living in a predominately white community, diversity is something that I have always appreciated. A lack of diversity in a community can often create an isolating feeling  This was part of the reason why I choose to be an International Affairs scholar.

I enjoy that the IA scholars program and participates have a passion for learning about different places and cultures around the world. I also appreciate how these traits are not exclusive to IA. All around OSU, different groups can be found celebrating cultures

Year in Review

After getting adjusted academically and socially to college my first year, my second year has been a time where I have grown as a person and as a leader.

This year, I have gotten much more involved on campus as an Ohio State Welcome Leader, a Financial committee member for the Residence Halls Advisory Council, and as a training RA for the next school year. I chose to take on these responsibilities because I wanted to be more active in resLife, meet new people, and give back to OSU. My living experience my first year was phenomenal and I wanted to help create that same environment for the incoming and returning students at OSU. In addition, taking on these responsibility roles helped me grow as a person. Preparing to be an RA has grown my leadership skills and the RA class I have taken has helped me learn how to communicate better with others and taught me about different viewpoints my peers have.

This year I also had the opportunity to meet many people because of how involved I became on campus. This allowed me to branch out and and gave me new experiences I didn’t have my first year because I was still trying to get adjusted academically to OSU. Moreover, I feel less stressed compared to last year because I have been able to balance my academic and social life well this year. Overall, this year I feel much less stressed and happier I am able to get more involved and meet more people.




Global Awareness:

As a part of the International Affairs Scholars program, I try to keep up with the events happening around the world. In addition most of my family lives in Amman, Jordan and I go there to visit them during Summer. It is because of this that I focus on seeing the world through a global perspective. This means seeing events as a citizen of the world rather than just as a citizen of your nation.

Original Inquiry:

As a second year Electrical and Computer Engineering student, I am currently talking with professors and looking for a research project that I would like to get involved with. My goal is to get involved with a research project full time this summer and pat time throughout the next school year.

Academic Enrichment:

I chose to attend OSU to become an Electrical and Computer Engineer. My planned curriculum will help me prepare for the work force by teaching me about computer languages, micro controllers, electrical circuits, and more. The reason I chose my major was because I wanted to work with computer hardware and sensors. In addition, I would like to work on a project that allows me to engage in hands on work and activities. Some of the GE courses I have chosen also can be linked with my passions. Currently I am in a sociology course that discusses the effects technology has on society and debates the implications of certain technology. The course selections I have made will prepare me for my career after graduation by teaching me the basic knowledge and skills needed to work in my field.

Leadership Development:

When I first came to OSU for my sophomore year, I did so as an Ohio State Welcome Leader. As a Welcome Leader I assumed the responsibility of helping the incoming and returning students feel welcomed at OSU. Moreover, I am currently a member of The Residence of Tenth’s hall council as well as a Finance Committee Member for the Residence Halls Advisory Council. These experiences are helping me become better organized and are helping me improve my professional skills as well. What I am learning through these organizations can also translate to help me with my career after college by improving my management skills. I also learned from these organizations that my leadership style begins with establishing organization and structure through which smaller tasks can be delegated to different branches.

Service Engagement:

The organizations I mentioned in Leadership development (Ohio State Welcome Leader, Hall Council, and Finance Committee) are focused on strengthening the five pillars of: Creating and Developing Community, Student Advocacy, Student Development and Wellness, Diversity, and Recognition and Leadership. These are the five pillars that support the OSU community and every week I participate in building them through the organizations I am a part of. I help to accomplish this by helping create and fund events that improve OSU.