Motivation Tool

In this module, one of the most useful thing I have learn is how much motivation is necessary for you goals and success. If that motivation is not there then its hard to keep moving forward. Even that 5 percent motivation can help you start from somewhere. There were couple tool that module mention for motivation. One of the tool I have already use is the tomato Timer which was very helpful for me to manage my time and relax my self from those 10 min breaks. Even though I do think I can make it better by implementing a timer related to a specific this way I can analyze my activity and task of how much time I should be given and that timer will make sure when I should be stopping. One of the tool I will still like to work in future is Engross App which is apparently for help you focus, be efficient and avoid distractions. Plus its android app that can be easy for me to utilize. I can used the timer for time management with this app and prioritized by task. One of the advices I would like to give other students is to never lose that spark of motivation that can always make you keep going. I feel it doesn’t need to be an app that can give you motivation it can be anything, people or something that you value the most. Its all in our mind how we want to take things. Think positive and things will turn out your way.

Path to be Success

As human we have multiple path and field that we can take and be successful in our life, college and professional career. Sometimes we are not sure what path we should take that we know will be successful for us.


Figure 1: Route to Success

One of the most important lesson I have learned from the book called Deep Work that I think everyone should learn and understand is no matter what happen you should never gave up. If one thing doesn’t work your way then there is many other options available that you can choose its just matter of fact to choose a different path. Main goal is to believe in yourself.

Figure 2: Believe and Succeed

Believing in yourself, putting all you hard work and effort will eventually make you successful. Just try, try again until you don’t get to the point where you want to see your self.

Focus is one of the keep component that we individuals can easily can lose track of it. We get easily distracted. Deep Work suggested to do mediation to help you focus. I have personally tried the technique of meditation and added to my daily morning habit. It help me focus and calm my brain. As students we already have so much stress in our life meditation can help student to relax their mind. I also think student can also do exercise or listen music to relax their mind and not think about anything when they are doing a relaxing activity.

Figure 3: Meditaion

We should also explore our knowledge to be successful. I feel its not only important to get your knowledge in one specific category. You should also have a knowledge of what has been happening around you. As many of my professor suggested you should do your research and homework on a topic before you provide an opinion. As its very important to have a solid evidences and source to prove you point. So its very important to explore your knowledge in every point of view that can be utilized in your defense.

Figure 4: Exploring Knowlede

Knowledge can be waste if you don’t know how to implement it. Shouldn’t matter how big or small the knowledge can be. For example, after taking this course and getting all the knowledge to be successful in college but I don’t implement the knowledge in my daily life or college career then it would be waste of taking the class.

Figure 5: Implement the knowledge as you gain them.

These are the couple things I will remember rest of my life and wanted to share with other students. I don’t want you guys to stress or panic if something is not working the way you expected. That’s why there are multiple routes in life we have that we can choose from. Just Believe in yourself!

Here’s the link to learn more about being a successful student.





Module 6

As we finished Module 6 “The Writing in College” I found the most useful information was to check for source creditability. To see if the information is worth putting on your academic paper. There were three major check parks that student should consider checking when choosing the right article for a paper or essay. First one was reliability, which was to check is it worth utilizing the resource. To check for who has written the article and do they have any kind of expertise in the respective research. Reliability is one of the strategy that I will be looking forward in future to implement in my paper because it can change the article criteria in a way that information can be more valuable comparative non reliable articles. The next was the Quality that I already implement in my daily routine of writing paper because it checks how well the article is written when it was written is up to date and the information is consistent and non-bias. This helps a lot because my paper is always to the point and can provide better examples from the article to prove my point which is very important for the paper. Last is the Utility which check information is related with topic and can connect to the audience is the information appropriate to even discuss in your paper. One of the advice I will like to give to students when they are writing paper they have check theses source creditability because it can make your paper stronger and also utilize written center at OSU which help me a lot in my paper.

Module 5 Blog

The module 5 talks about the note taking tools and strategies. One of the useful tool that note taking tool has talk about was writing notes on iPad Pro instead of writing on your notebook. I find this very useful because then we can write as much notes we want to without worrying about that we are out of paper. Personally I already do that. I write all my notes on my tablet and I find it extremely efficient to utilize because I can access all my notes from anywhere. All my notes were organized manner.

One of the strategy they have discussed in the module is used Cornell Method. I find that method similar to what is close to my style of taking notes. If I make it more like Cornell method it will make my notes more organized and easy to follow along. I think I will used Cornell style but I will do it on my tablet so everything will be at one place too. And it will be easy for me to access on my phone at any place. I don’t need to carry my notebook everywhere.

One of the advice I would like to give students is always prepare yourself before lecture because then it will be easy for you to focus on the main points and write it on your notes. I have learned a lot if I prepare my self ahead of time of what lecture I am learning it help me a lot on my notes to write clear points and help my understanding better too.

Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

One of the useful thing students should understand how memory works. According to the chapter 4.5 Remembering the material, said Memory is the storing and retrieving information. and said exactly same how computers works. Which is actually computer hard drive job is to take all the information and retrieve it to the processors. This is exactly how human brain works. The chapter also talks about different strategies of how to memorize things faster and efficient manner. One of the strategy that I already use in my regular life style is Break down information into meaningful chunks. For example, memorizing the formulas for the physics mechanic sections then to memorize it was divided into its different section. This actually help me a lot in my physics class and during exams the equations were litterally in my finger tips and don’t even had to look for it.

One of the technique I found interesting is visualizing the information that the chapter mention. I think this is one of the strategy I would like to use in future because it can help me clear things and make my understanding of the information much better. I might utilize that in my future physics classes because there is a lot of visualization in there to understand the reference point which I still sometime struggle with.

One of the advice I personally want to give students when they are trying to memorize information is to make sure they first understand the material and this can help them memorize the info faster. And do it with calm mind because I know when I am not calm and stress out its hard me to understand the information and memorizes at the same time.

Blog 2: Module 3

In Module 3, one of tbe most useful thing I have learned about procastination is not the same as someone being laziness. In the article, “How to Stop Procastinatons”, it stated Procastination is an active process where someone decide to do something else instead of the productive task. Where laziness is unwilling act, where you dont want to do anything.

One of the stratrgies I already practice that was mentioned in the article “5 Research based for overcoming Procastinations” that you should keep doing something. Just at least get yourself started. I already apply this strategies when I have to write essays for a class.

When of the strategies I am going to apply in the future would be promise myseld a reward. So what I could do is break my task into smaller portion and once I am done with one portion of the task I will give my self reward which can be a 15 min break where i can go on my phone and then I will get back to my next portion of the task.

One advice I would like to give the students is too recognize and accept the fact that you are Procastinating because most of the time students tend to go in a denial mode. Then look for the solution or the approach to stop procastinating.

My First Blog about Module 2

By: Fatima Ali

As I was going through the module 2 which was about Online Learning Strategies and Skill, one of the most useful things that I have learned was how to work with group members in our online courses. Most of my courses are usually not online and they are on campus so Its easier for me to communicate with my group members. Thus, it was interesting to learn about the perspective of online group projects and how to communicate with them online as it can be difficult because sometimes students don’t reply to you as fast and quickly online as they would do over the phone. From the video, “5 Tips for Dealing with Lazy Group Project Members-College Infor Geek”, One of the best tips I learn is to how to keep track of deadlines or mini deadlines in the project. And make sure to keep it as organize as possible to assigning the task to the respective group member. And have one of the team members to create a checklist of the tasks that needs to be done and who is responsible for it. Then that member will keep track of the checklist to make sure everything is getting done on time. One of the tips that the guideline suggest was to utilize the google docs and how to make your project organize. That is one of the tips I already use in my group projects which I will bring it to online Projects too. So thus, for my electrical class we were assigned the group projects and we had to create reports. We used to google docs to keep track of our work and divide who will do what. Plus, the benefit to google drive is that almost everyone has it and it saves all your automatically and can easily share with other team members. Although, in our group projects we didn’t really assigned one member to keep track of the checklist and checking with everyone is doing okay then I will add that strategy in future. One of the advice l would like to give other students is to always communicate with your classmates and keep updated your professor all the time so that if there is any problem in your project prior to deadline that professor is aware of it and they can give you a good suggestion to tackle your problem as well.


Link to the Module 2 video