Social Media Job

We’ve re-vamped the entire social media presence and gave a new name to the company. It was fun to be apart of this and I’m happy I could help with this, as it’s something Micah wanted to do for a while but never had time without a social media intern to assist! We’ve decided to stick to a laid-back, friendly, person-next-door type of social media presence. We used a lot of the information I presented in the social media audit I conducted and I’m glad to have been a driving force behind this new social media presence.

I scheduled social media posts for the week on Monday and will probably continue with that tactic in regard to social media posts.  I’m excited to shadow photoshoots next week and start more hands-on photography work of my own.

Week 1 Overview, Week 2 Preview

My project for this past week and next is to read all the way through this “Text book”, so I can learn all the inner-workings of a DSLR camera and general things you need to know about photography and editing. It’s a thick book, but as the title says, it’s made “For Dummies” so it’s been an easy read. I’m about halfway through now and I’ve taken a lot of good notes learned a great deal about photography.

I also had the chance to take some photos and edit them on my own. This was an assessment of my photography skills and will provide a “before” image of what my abilities are, to compare with an “after” photoshoot that I’ll do at the end of the internship and those I’ll actually use for a professional portfolio!

Excited to Start

I’m excited to start working in a couple of hours. I was disappointed to postpone my start date but I’m glad to know my internship was extended to accommodate. Today I’ll be starting an in-depth social media audit to bring a new life to this photography company and attract new clients. Last semester in AGRCOMM 4530, we were assigned to complete a social media audit similar to what my supervisor is asking me to do, so I feel very prepared about my first task.

During this internship, I also expect to expand my photography skills. I love photography but I’ve never done it out of a hobby so I can’t wait to learn in a more professional setting.  In AGRCOMM 4130, we dabbled in PhotoShop and I’m ready to expand those skills as well. With the education I’ve received I feel prepared to start working more in the world of photography and I’m ready to start this new endeavor.