Health Literacy

Here is some information about Alex’s family members:

  • Alex’s mom, Sofia, was recently told that she is prediabetic and that she should change her diet and exercise more to get her blood sugar under control.

Alex's mom Sofia with a straw hat

  • Alex’s brother, David, was in a car crash and required an open reduction internal fixation of a fracture in his leg. The surgery went well and he’s discharged to home with some information about how to reduce swelling.

  • Alex’s dad, Juan, needs a colonoscopy as a routine health screening now that he is getting older.


OSU Wexner Medical Center Patient Education Materials Portal

Materials specifically needed for Alex’s family members



Step 1: Choose which of Alex’s family members/ health conditions to evaluate

Step 2: Evaluate the patient education materials using the criteria from Simply Put

  1. Message Content
  2. Text Appearance
  3. Visuals
  4. Layout and Design (don’t worry about the information on an effective cover)
  5. Culture and Translation
  6. Understandability

At the end of the SimplyPut document there is a checklist for easy-to-understand print materials (Appendix A). Not all components will be applicable to the patient education materials you choose. For full credit you will need to address each of the 6 areas and at least 3 sub-areas.

Step 3: Choose one area and revise it to improve the readability and understandability of the materials.

Step 4: Choose one other area that needs revision and explain why (but you don’t have to revise it)

Step 5: Prioritize what 3 languages this material should be in