Transtheoretical Model (TTM)

Figuring out how to be physically active…

Lizzie has been Alex’s best friend since they were young and all the way through high school. They’re still close now, but go to different colleges, so they aren’t as connected as they once were.

Lizzie was always the athletic one, and was a soccer star- an attacking midfielder who was easily the best player on her high school team. In late May before her senior year of high school, Lizzie was playing in a tournament in North Carolina with her club team and as she was cutting to get to the ball, went down. She tore her ACL and was out for the rest of the summer and, tragically, her senior season.

In addition to the challenge of going through surgery and rehab, Lizzie felt like she had let her team down. They’d had a great chance to win states, but didn’t. No one else ever really blamed Lizzie, but she blamed herself. She wasn’t there for her team and she should have been.

Although Lizzie was a soccer star, playing Division 1 soccer in college was never really one of her aspirations. Going into her senior year of high school, most of her top choice colleges were D2 or D3 schools, and she figured she could walk onto the team or play club soccer. After the injury, she wasn’t really up for playing her freshman year of college. Lizzie worried about fitting in within the new college environment, doing well in her classes, and finding a job. The thought of returning to soccer but not being as good as she once was, or letting people down, or getting hurt again… all of that was too much to take on all at once.

Now it’s Lizzie’s sophomore year, and she went home for her and Alex’s high school homecoming to see some friends.

While home, she also runs into Allie, Louisa, Simone, and Tasha, who had all played soccer with her (except Tasha who played field hockey).


The following is a rough recounting of their conversation:

Tasha: Holy crud, I have gained so much weight in college. Like, y’all look good, and I have had to buy jeans in a new size TWICE since graduating.

Louisa: Me too. I’ve gained about 10 lbs. Dining hall food is surprisingly good at OSU and despite the fact that my classes are ALLLLLL over campus, it’s not like it was when we had practice all the time and were in season.

Lizzie: I’ve gained 15 lbs since starting and I can’t seem to lose it. Walking around campus doesn’t help me either.

Tasha: Do y’all workout at your schools? Louisa, I hear the RPAC at OSU is awesome and there are a lot of cool fitness classes.

Louisa: Yeah, the RPAC is cool, but it was intimidating, at first. There is just so much there and lifting weights on your own is a lot different from doing it with the team. But I take some fitness classes regularly, and try to run outside.

Allie: Well, I’m playing soccer at Ohio Dominican, so yeah, I’m working out more than we did in high school.

Simone: I work out here and there, I guess, but what I love is Ultimate Frisbee. It’s actually a really cool sport and I feel pretty good. 

Lizzie: I tried going to the gym, but I don’t like lifting and stuff on my own. Fitness classes are not my jam, either. I run sometimes <squeezes her belly> but I need to workout more.

<general eye-rolling and being told to stop it because she isn’t fat.>

Tasha: Girl, you still look good. Do you feel good?

Lizzie: Not really, I used to be so active and now I don’t have that.

Louisa: K…

Lizzie: Well, I can’t play soccer anymore.

Tasha: I wouldn’t want to play soccer. Switch to field hockey.

Simone: I don’t think that would help.

Lizzie: Haha, no, I don’t really want to play field hockey. No offense, Tasha.

Tasha: None taken, I just think it’s better than soccer.

Lizzie, Simone, Louisa, and Allie: WE KNOOOOW

Allie: Ok, Lizzie, so soccer is out. Do you feel like you exercise enough?

Lizzie: Yeah, but… if I run more than 2 miles or so my knees are so sore the next day and I don’t like to be in pain.

Allie: Do they hurt WHILE you run?

Lizzie: Naw, not really, just the next day or so.

Simone: Try ultimate frisbee! I don’t like being out of shape either, that’s why I started playing.

Lizzie: How do you even play Ultimate Frisbee?

Simone: By running and passing a frisbee down the field- it’s got the team-like aspect of soccer, but it’s low-key.

Lizzie: Huh… are the people cool?

Simone: Clearly if I’m friends with them.

Where is Lizzie?

Based on the information you read above, where do you think Lizzie is with regard to the stages of change and becoming more active? What would help her move beyond that stage all the way to maintenance?

Fill out the TTM Template, describing:

  • Where Lizzie is
  • What her actions would look like at each subsequent stage
  • What processes of change will help get her from one stage to the next

And submit to the Canvas assignment.