My younger brother, Julio, is 17 and has his first really serious girlfriend. Please use components of the Health Belief Model to attempt to change his behavior in terms of using condoms to prevent STIs and pregnancy.


Here are some of Julio’s thoughts (use these to make assumptions as far as his beliefs):

  • Vanessa is my first serious girlfriend and I’m her first serious boyfriend, as long as we’re faithful, we’re safe.
  • Condoms don’t feel good.
  • I really want to be a father… one day, but not right now.

You’ll use the HBM form on Canvas that is set up with:

  1. the HBM’s main components
  2. a column for my brother Julio’s perspective
  3. a column to list potential strategies to help him have a more realistic “vision” of the situation regarding safe sex


Health Belief Model Template