About Me

Collin Aldrich is a first year Eminence Fellow at The Ohio State University. Coming from a large school in Cincinnati, Ohio, Collin loves the size of OSU and the infinite opportunities to meet new people and try new things. He is currently studying Integrated Business and Engineering, with a major in Operations Management and a minor in Engineering Science. One day, he hopes to have an innovative career where he can combine his knowledge of business and engineering with his passion for people.

He is currently involved in the Theatre Arts Group, an organization that introduces theatre to elementary school students at the Columbus Gifted Academy. TAG has allowed Collin to preserve his passion for theatre while giving him the chance to introduce others to the importance of creative storytelling.

Throughout his years at Ohio State, Collin plans to study abroad and have an international internship in Europe. He also plans to get more involved in TAG, as well as other service-based organizations. Currently, he is looking for research in the cross-sections of business and technology, where he can utilize his interdisciplinary experience and gain insight on the professional world. In addition to business and engineering, he may broaden his interdisciplinary studies even more by pursuing an additional minor in Science, Engineering, and Public Policy.

In his free time, Collin can be found playing racquetball in the RPAC, eating sushi at Thompson Library, or exploring the Short North.