Study Abroad/Internship Speakers

Getting involved in something that will be tailored to your own personal goals and ambitions is not something that is just handed to you. These students showed incredible initiative in reaching out to programs that fit them. I hope that as I pursue opportunities for study abroad and leadership through service learning that I can have a takeaway that is as great as these guys. There does not seem to be one specific route to success in study abroad because of how many resources we have here at Ohio State, so finding a program that is right for me could be as simple as the click of a button on the internet or it could take some serious effort taking advantage of these resources available. As I go further in the process, I guess I will find out through trial and error.

It was nice to hear from the woman speaking about internships that it is perfectly normal to not have an internship until junior or senior year. Focusing on getting good volunteer experience and working in a productive environment can potentially lead to internship opportunities or something similar. It is up to us to just keep moving and working through these opportunities so greater things will come in the future.

“Work really hard to make your grades and academic achievements really impressive, but then work twice as hard to make sure academics are the least impressive thing about you.”