Mission Possible


As a coach, I’m a student of talents, strengths, and weaknesses.  My mission is to serve leaders choosing to focus on developing their unique potential to build superhero strengths.  Long after they’ve taken the CliftonStrengths Assessment, and we’ve debriefed each theme looking at the pixels connecting them to more wins, our conversation turns toward aiming all of this acquired self-awareness at important life desires, outcomes, and goals.

Because, “talents and strengths do not develop in a vacuum,” the real moments of application happen when they are face to face with other people.  Gallup’s research proves, “Strengths develop best in the framework of mission,” serving those you influence.  Mission brings heart into what you do.  Heart added to a matter, encourages others to trust.  I’ve never met a leader who when trusted, didn’t want to find out how to dig deeper and bring more of their best to the surface.

We’re familiar with businesses having mission; not as much with individuals.  We’ve been taught leaders serve the mission of their organization.  True. Highly successful leaders are now passionately proclaiming their own mission.  Joining their mission with that of their organization is how they are impacting their world, bringing excellence time and time again.  Personal mission adds fuel to the equation of success, benefitting the individual and the company.

It’s a sure way to know, how one performs (with or without fuel), when one attempts to bring their best to the table.

Three characteristics of mission from Don Clifton (the father of Strengths-based Psychology) and Paula Nelson’s best seller, Soar with Your Strengths, (1992, 2010):

  • Mission must first be personal.
  • Mission must mean the world to you!
  • Mission added to your strengths is fuel to achieve more.

What means the world to you?

Mission transcends goal setting; it possesses an “eternal” quality.  It’s the difference between leaving an inheritance or a legacy.  Using your talents and strengths to drive your mission and your organization’s is setting an example for each employee to learn exactly what it is that means the world to them, and how they can bring this into their role.  Your mission will change as life changes.  Having previous mission statements is a great way to observe growth, development, and current why behind your doing.

What is it you do within your organization that makes a difference in the lives of those around you?

Why you do this difference making action, is your mission!  Your mission is your guide…layering profound meaning and motivation into all your thinking, feeling, and actions.  Motivation on those great memorable days, and even on the other days, that seem to sneak into our lives unannounced.

Would you like to learn exactly what you best bring to the table, fueled by a dynamic personal mission in 2020?

The Alber Enterprise Center welcomes and serves leaders just like you.  A clearly defined mission brings depth to your potential and helps accelerate what you want and need to make happen in 2020

Mission makes possible what otherwise might not happen.  Mission makes you a hero to those you serve.