Emotional Health and Motivation

module 7

This module discussed a lot of things about emotional health and staying motivated. Your health is the most important thing in the world. Mental, physical, and emotional health are things you need to make sure you are checking on. Things that I found helpful were the tips given to manage stress and apps to stay motivated. Finding a habit to get rid of stress will help when dealing with a lot of assignments. In addition, understanding that negative emotions are temporary. Bad things will pass by over time so finding healthy ways to cope will help resolve it. That’s why I’m providing the link for college counseling. You can make an appointment online and discuss the issues that concern you. They provide many resources for you. I already found a way to deal with stress; exercising releases adrenaline and dopamine and it has proven successful for me many times. I want to put in practice creating a routine to manage stress. This will help me balance my life and create healthy habits. I hope you guys do the same! Things will only get harder from now so prioritizing my health and stress will make this journey easier. I hope you guys use the college counseling and the many resources they provide!



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