Writing Tips!

Module 7

Hi guys, this week is about tips for writing college essays. This video was really helpful for future writing courses because I will be writing a lot of papers and so having a a video that has strategies provided to help me finish my paper is really really helpful! Making sure that you really focus on being passionate about your topic will help inspire ideas of writing. Even if it is something you’re not interested it, find a way to make it interesting. Another tip is to create an outline. This is something that I definitely need to improve on. In college, you will be busy with academics and activities and so making sure that you have an outline to guide your paper will help ease the stress of the paper. Something that I am already doing is researching for only academic and peer-reviewed articles. This is to ensure my paper is credible. I recommend you guys try out these tips because they will be really helpful in future courses. In addition to making sure your sources are credible, make sure your paper is credible by replacing simple adjectives for adverbs and better vocabulary. At the end of your papers, always make sure to reread it! I hope this is helpful for your future writing classes!

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