How to retain information for studying & the process of it all!

Module 4


Hello guys!!

This week I will tell you a little about studying and retaining information in your memory. We have all taken notes, read chapters in a textbook, or information online for a class. Most of us have crammed information for an exam. But how likely are you to remember that information the next day? Most likely not. This is because the information is short term memory. We remember the information for a little bit since it is not retained, it does not stay long in your memory. When we highlight, analyze, repeat, re-read, and take practice quizzes and such, this allows for our brain to encode the information and retain it for a longer time because we keep practicing it every time. A tip from is to use apps such as quizlet and khan academy as an interactive way to learn information. These have really come in handy. The website below will help you better understand how the brain processes information. This module is one of the most important modules because it helps guide us for the future. This semester, we should practice these tips because it will prepare us for quizzes, exams, and for major projects. Cramming information the night before a test is definitely NOT the most efficient way to study so preparing everyday will help reduce procrastination (as we talked about last week), stress, and make you have higher scores! I hope you enjoyed this lesson!



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