Module 2: Working with Group Members Advice


Hello guys!

My name is Alaa. I will be giving you guys advice about group projects and group members. Now, I know that a lot of you’ve guys don’t like working in groups. This is because it don’t know how much effort your group members will put it in the groups. So, some tips I will give you will help you remove this stress and get a good grade! A tip from this helpful video is to create mini deadlines within your group so when the deadline comes, you won’t have to tackle a lot! I just finishing my first year in college and I know that working with group members sometimes can be a pain! So, I used this tactic and we created a schedule for us to work little by little. This is very beneficial because it allows for you to have time to edit and achieve a good grade! I think that using this tips, you guys, will allow for you to achieve excellence in not only your group projects, but your projects, and your goals. I use this for many things such as finances, projects, papers, etc!


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