Emotional Health and Motivation

module 7

This module discussed a lot of things about emotional health and staying motivated. Your health is the most important thing in the world. Mental, physical, and emotional health are things you need to make sure you are checking on. Things that I found helpful were the tips given to manage stress and apps to stay motivated. Finding a habit to get rid of stress will help when dealing with a lot of assignments. In addition, understanding that negative emotions are temporary. Bad things will pass by over time so finding healthy ways to cope will help resolve it. That’s why I’m providing the link for college counseling. You can make an appointment online and discuss the issues that concern you. They provide many resources for you. I already found a way to deal with stress; exercising releases adrenaline and dopamine and it has proven successful for me many times. I want to put in practice creating a routine to manage stress. This will help me balance my life and create healthy habits. I hope you guys do the same! Things will only get harder from now so prioritizing my health and stress will make this journey easier. I hope you guys use the college counseling and the many resources they provide!

Writing Tips!

Module 7

Hi guys, this week is about tips for writing college essays. This video was really helpful for future writing courses because I will be writing a lot of papers and so having a a video that has strategies provided to help me finish my paper is really really helpful! Making sure that you really focus on being passionate about your topic will help inspire ideas of writing. Even if it is something you’re not interested it, find a way to make it interesting. Another tip is to create an outline. This is something that I definitely need to improve on. In college, you will be busy with academics and activities and so making sure that you have an outline to guide your paper will help ease the stress of the paper. Something that I am already doing is researching for only academic and peer-reviewed articles. This is to ensure my paper is credible. I recommend you guys try out these tips because they will be really helpful in future courses. In addition to making sure your sources are credible, make sure your paper is credible by replacing simple adjectives for adverbs and better vocabulary. At the end of your papers, always make sure to reread it! I hope this is helpful for your future writing classes!

Which is better: typing or writing notes?

module 5

hello guys! This week I will ask you guys which method do you guys prefer taking notes with? Writing out notes or typing notes out? This is not meant to change your habits of note taking but just an opinion of what I prefer and pros and cons of both. I have taken notes a lot of times using both methods but I prefer using a computer to take notes because I think that more information can be recorded and you have many options to add pictures, links, highlight things, and digitally save your information. Also, using an iPad Pro, you can write out notes with a pen and type out notes. I know that some people prefer using paper and pen because you are more likely will remember your notes more than typing them. Also, writing out notes on paper and pen is helpful to focus by actively listening and taking notes by summarizing.  So whatever method works for you fits! Something that I learned from this module that I am using is actively listening to the instructor and then summarizing the main points. I want to try out the Cornell method in my notes because it is an interesting way to take notes. I think you guys should try it out to!


How to retain information for studying & the process of it all!

Module 4


Hello guys!!

This week I will tell you a little about studying and retaining information in your memory. We have all taken notes, read chapters in a textbook, or information online for a class. Most of us have crammed information for an exam. But how likely are you to remember that information the next day? Most likely not. This is because the information is short term memory. We remember the information for a little bit since it is not retained, it does not stay long in your memory. When we highlight, analyze, repeat, re-read, and take practice quizzes and such, this allows for our brain to encode the information and retain it for a longer time because we keep practicing it every time. A tip from is to use apps such as quizlet and khan academy as an interactive way to learn information. These have really come in handy. The website below will help you better understand how the brain processes information. This module is one of the most important modules because it helps guide us for the future. This semester, we should practice these tips because it will prepare us for quizzes, exams, and for major projects. Cramming information the night before a test is definitely NOT the most efficient way to study so preparing everyday will help reduce procrastination (as we talked about last week), stress, and make you have higher scores! I hope you enjoyed this lesson!



How to beat procrastination

Hi guys,

I will tell you guys about procrastination and techniques to beat it. Procrastination is one of the hardest things to reduce because it involves everything in our life. In work, school, and life, were like to push things aside because we do not want to work on them on the moment. It requires a lot of discipline and determination. You need to create a habit out of it. It is one of the hardest things for me currently. I try to improve my procrastination but I still end up in the same spot I was before. This video is really helpful for me especially if you think of an assignment and doing it for only 10 minute. I am going to incorporate this in my schedule. I advise you and myself to watch this video and benefit from it because it will help us in our future. The adult life is hard and learning discipline and hard work starts now! you got this!




Module 2: Working with Group Members Advice


Hello guys!

My name is Alaa. I will be giving you guys advice about group projects and group members. Now, I know that a lot of you’ve guys don’t like working in groups. This is because it don’t know how much effort your group members will put it in the groups. So, some tips I will give you will help you remove this stress and get a good grade! A tip from this helpful video is to create mini deadlines within your group so when the deadline comes, you won’t have to tackle a lot! I just finishing my first year in college and I know that working with group members sometimes can be a pain! So, I used this tactic and we created a schedule for us to work little by little. This is very beneficial because it allows for you to have time to edit and achieve a good grade! I think that using this tips, you guys, will allow for you to achieve excellence in not only your group projects, but your projects, and your goals. I use this for many things such as finances, projects, papers, etc!