Spring 19 Blog Post #3

Which courses have been the most transformative to your teaching practice? Identify two courses and describe how.

Multicultural Art Education 32204

This course has pushed me farther in reevaluating my teaching practices and pushing me to choose new lessons, art works, artists to include in my curriculum. I am having my students define and evolve my curriculum more than what I had learned previously. My students are responding to the use of contemporary artists being incorporated in the curriculum and dialogue is forming about contemporary issues as well. My hope is that I am creating a safe environment that my students feel they can open discussions about issues facing them in society because they are reflecting in the art I am incorporating into the class. I feel I am also becoming a better person from this course. I am more easily picking up on inequalities and institutionalized racism that I didn’t see before because of my privilege as a white woman in art education. This course is a subject that is lifelong and not “completed” in 14 weeks.

Curriculum Planning and Assessment 7607

This course was helpful to me in my teaching because I struggle to create successful assessments in my courses. It is something that my undergrad program lacked and I was relying on my very little teaching experience to create. This course, along with gaining more and more teaching experience, have made me a better educator. I am still trying different assessment techniques but this course helped make up for what I was lacking from my undergrad studies.

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