New data collection technologies

Bicycle routes choices around OSU campus

Advances in data collection technologies enable researcher answer a wide variety of research questions.  Our study identifies the factors associated with bicycle trip generation and route choices using state‐of‐the‐art data collection techniques. We collected GPS data on the origins, destinations and routes of bicycle trips using a smart phone app, CycleTracks, and developed models that identify the factors closely associated with route choices and the degree of diversion from shortest paths. This app is developed by SFCTA (San Francisco County Transit Authority) to collect data on users’ bicycle trip routes and times, and display maps of their rides using smartphone GPS. Diversion from shortest paths, excess travel, decreases travel efficiency, therefore identifying the contributing factors is critical for improving bicycling conditions and mode share.

Related projects: Tracking bicyclists’ route choices at The Ohio State University, NEXTRANS University Transportation Center, (PI: Professor Gulsah Akar), 2015-2016, $90,000. Link to technical report.