Autonomous vehicles

Bicycle facility preferences


A large part of the current discussion in the transportation field focuses on autonomous vehicles and their deployment from the vehicle and technology angle. We took a different perspective, and investigated how autonomous vehicle deployment may affect other road users’ facility preferences. Our study creates a baseline comparison to track changes in bicyclists’ perception of driverless vehicles as they become more common.

We find that—in a hypothetical, fully driverless environment—bicyclists prefer more protected facilities around driverless vehicles than human-controlled ones. Our model also shows that individuals who are more familiar with the concept of driverless vehicles are less likely to opt for protected facilities as compared to those who are unfamiliar.

Related articles: M. Blau, G. Akar and J. Nasar (2018) “Driverless Vehicles’ Potential Influence on Bicyclist Facility Preferences.” forthcoming, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation.