Tiny World


This is the Tiny World image I made. Both of the pictures I used, the panorama and the one of myself, were taken when I studied abroad in South Korea last semester. That semester, more than anything, taught me that location is absolutely not limited by geography. I definitely feel a lot of the time that even though I am physically back in Ohio, a huge part of myself still lives in Seoul with everyone I met there. The space that I made for myself in Korea was unlike any I’ve occupied before in my life. Now, thinking back to it, I’m always brought back to the feelings of warmth and excitement that every day brought when I explored the country with the close friends I made there.

The experience of editing this image was both enjoyable and frustrating at different times. Following the tutorial gave me a satisfying sense of checking things off a list as I edited the image, but since the image of myself was not taken from above like in the tutorial, I don’t think that I achieved quite the same effect in the end, which was a bit unfortunate. However, looking at this image still immediately takes me back to two different places I loved being in in Korea, so I’m happy I could take the panorama and picture of myself and turn them into something new that still represents my experience last semester.

“Lava Field” and “Freckles and Tattoos”

Part 1 – Lava Field

Here is my first edited version of “Lava Field”. In it, I chose to replace the plants growing in the rocks with water from another image, and the sky with a different image’s sky. What gave me the most trouble by far was when I realized I hadn’t properly erased the parts I wanted to erase from the original image. This caused parts from the background to peek through into the other layers and added a lot more difficulty overall until I finally determined how to fix it. However, the whole process helped me become very well-acquainted with the Magic Wand selection tool, which is a useful skill to have for future projects, I think.

Edited versions –





Part 2 – Freckles and Tattoos

This is my edited version of “Freckles and Tattoos”. I became very familiar with the healing and stamp tools here. The overall image took me a very long time to edit and was pretty difficult. This was mainly because the editing left the woman’s skin tone still looking fairly speckled and uneven even after removing the freckles and tattoos. It was difficult trying to get rid of the random lighter spots without erasing the texture of her skin, so I kind of gave it my best effort and stopped after a while. I like how the new background fits with the image a lot though.

Experimenting in Photoshop!


Today in class I followed a Youtube tutorial on how to change the colors of objects in Photoshop. This was my first time ever using Photoshop so there was a bit of a learning curve, but I’m still pretty happy with how the picture turned out. It was also really cool and super fun to do!