Artifact #2

Last semester, I decided to take my Art GE. Instead of trying to take the “easiest” class or a class such a band, which I had participated in all of high-school, I wanted to try something different that would also stretch my creative side of the brain. So, I took the Introduction to Drawing class. Before taking the class, I considered myself a terrible drawer, but had always day dreamed about being good at drawing. After the first week of class, I was quite worried. The homework load felt like a ton for an art class and I was scared that my lack of drawing skills would reflect on my GPA. However, I stuck with it. I tried my hardest throughout the semester and slowly but surely came to love drawing. Now, I can’s sit here and say I’m a great artist, however, I learned a ton of new techniques and improved my eye to hand coordination (in relation to drawing) big time.

Here is a charcoal tonal drawing I made at the fossil exhibit in Ortin Hall.

Artifact #1

For my first artifact, I decided to choose a picture of me long boarding. I chose long boarding because it has been my passion for the past six years. I’ve gone from being a beginner who could barely stand on a board to skating down hills above 50 mph. Along with my progression, I’ve received sponsorships and traveled around the eastern United States for different races and skating destinations.