As part of the AIEA Thematic Forum: Consistently Engaged­: An Exploration of the Intersection of Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Internationalization, below is a select list of reading to augment the forum. Please read and contribute to the discussion below.

  • Kezar, A and Fries-Britt, S. (2018) Speaking Truth and Acting with Integrity: Confronting Challenges of Campus Racial Climate. Washington DC., ACE. Open link.
  • Inclusive and Innovative Internationalization of Higher Education: Proceedings of the WES-CIHE Summer Institute June 19–21, 2019 Boston College Open link.
  • Glass, Godwin & Helms (2021) Toward Greater Inclusion and Success: A New Compact for International Students Open link (Washington DC., ACE. Permission granted from ACE publisher)
  • Harvey Charles Darla Deardoff.  June 26, 2020. International educators must lead on anti-racist education. Open link.
  • Cvetkovska, S, Maykel Verkuyten, and Adelman L. 2020. “Being Tolerated and Minority Well-Being: The Role of Group Identifications.” International Journal of Intercultural Relations 74 (January): 161–173. Open link. 2019.10.010.
  • Noelle W Arnold (May 20, 2020) Inclusive Leadership. Open link.
  • Diversity Abroad (2018) Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Comprehensive Internationalization in Higher Education. Open link.
  • Internationalization at home, the rise of nationalism and its influence on international student mobility as well as on the integration of international students. Open link
  • Gordon, A. J., Bell, K., Davis, G. P., & Donaghue, J. (2021). Collaboration to advance racial equity through education abroad. Berkeley, CA: Diversity Abroad. Open link.
  • Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Ohio State (2021). Open link.

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