Research Focus

The cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) lab is led by Dr. Ahmad. His research aims to bring engineering innovations to biomedical imaging, especially dynamic imaging. He is particularly interested in developing data acquisition and image reconstruction methods that can improve the diagnostic accuracy of established or emerging imaging modalities. His research expertise encompasses digital signal and image processing, linear and nonlinear inverse problems, and deep learning, with application to image reconstruction.

Short Biography

Rizwan Ahmad received a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. He further received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. He held post-doctoral and Research Scientist positions at Ohio State University Medical Center. In 2017, he joined the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Ohio State University, where he is currently an associate professor. His research is primarily funded by the National Institute of Health. He is the recipient of the 2020 BME Herman R. Weed Excellence in Teaching Award.