Dr. Robyn Wilson: An Overview of the Agroecosystem Resilience Project

Dr. Aaron Wilson: Climate Change in the Eastern Corn Belt

Dr. Mary Doidge: Past and Future Farming Adaptations

Dr. Robyn Wilson presents Adapting to Changing Weather Patterns in the Eastern Corn Belt at the 2020 Farm Science Review

Drs. Robyn Wilson, Aaron Wilson, and Mary Doidge shared the project in July 2021 with Ty Higgins on the Our Ohio Weekly podcast.

Drs. Robyn Wilson and Aaron Wilson presented for the February 2021 NC3 Webinar titled Understanding Climate Adaptation Decisions in the Eastern Corn Belt.

A number of additional presentations about climate change, impacts on farming practices, and economics were made at ClimateSmart: Farming with Weather Extremes. The videos are linked from the titles of each presentation.