How to use

How to use this workbook:

  • This website is an online workbook to make a plan.
  • This workbook is a starting point, not an end point.
  • This workbook is meant to be used as part of a workshop to complete a plan for a specific business operation. If not used in combination with a presentation, use the red ‘next’ or ‘start’ buttons at the bottom of each page of the website to make your plan. The videos will assist you with each section and can be used for employee training once your plan is complete.
  • Plan Pages for designing your plan and making your flipbook – You will need to print the pages to start and use this website to prepare your plan.
    • Download the plan pages in PowerPoint format, here: Flipbook – Final For Website
    • Fill-In pages (right page) with information for your specific farm
    • Some pages are just for your team
    • Pages with, “Posting Page” should be printed for posting at farm
    • You can copy/insert new Posting Pages for extra topics for your plan. Blank, Extra Plan Pages can be downloaded, here: Blank Plan Pages
  • Once you have printed the plan pages, you can use them as an outline to prepare your plan as a management team.

You have completed the unit on “How to Start Your Plan.”

You are ready to move to the next unit.

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