Aggressive Guest

Information to Consider for your Plan Pages:

Consider customer complaint procedure*

  1. Provide customers with opportunity to complain. (Have designated person to handle complaints).
  2. Give customers full & undivided attention.
  3. Listen completely. Paraphrase what person is saying so they know you are listening.
  4. Ask key question: “what else?” Agree that a problem exists; never disagree or argue.
  5. Apologize if necessary. Explain rules.
  6. Resolve the complaint or conflict. (Ask again: “what else?”)
  7. Thank the customer for bringing the complaint to your attention.

As you examine these steps, determine which ones your organization does most and least effectively. Use your answers to determine where you need to improve your customer complaint procedure.

*Adapted from the University of Florida


What to do:

An incident may start as a complaint OR as farm rule violation. Either way, anything staff can do to keep the situation from becoming a confrontation is in the best interest of everyone involved.

  1. Follow customer complaint procedure. If the situation becomes more escalated, the staff member who witnessed the event or has confrontation should contact the closest staff member for assistance.
  2. Repeat customer complaint procedure process if appropriate.
  3. If situation does not return to calm, second employee should seek additional assistance from management.
  4. Management should work yet again through procedure.
  5. If situation continues to escalate, the person should be asked to leave the property.
  6. If situation continues to escalate, contact law enforcement.

When involving large groups:

  1. Establish a way to communicate to crowds.
  2. Have detailed information about when to cancel the event.


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