Training Resources

Now that the owners and or lead person in charge of emergency preparedness has a command of the subject matter, it’s time to involve the management team in this initial process.

The Management Team Review:

  1. Print the workbook pages below.
  2. Discuss each chapter within this unit, using the workbook pages.
  3. Answer the questions on the workbook page.
  4. Fill in the numbers you need and the information to know.
  5. Look at the resources to review listed on workbook page and brainstorm other resources as needed.
  6. Review scenarios to help process similar situations that may happen at your business. The scenarios for this unit are on the website page that gives examples of what is safety and what is emergency preparedness. To review this page, go here: Safety-vs-Emergency
  7. Edit procedures to follow specific to your business on the three workbook pages linked below.

NOTE: No employee training materials are necessary for this unit. This unit is meant for the management team.

Workbook pages that focus on risk management

 You have completed this unit and are ready to move to the next unit with your management team.

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