Chapters in this unit include:

  1.  Managing Risk

  2.  Safety vs. Emergency Preparedness

  3.  Training Resources

This unit should be completed by the owners and/or the lead person assigned to emergency preparedness BEFORE the management team starts to work on the plan. It is important for the leaders to understand the concepts before involving the rest of the team. This is especially important for knowing the difference between safety and emergency preparedness.

Completing these chapters will help you understand the concepts of managing risk in your business through various methods. This will help you make a better flipbook without getting bogged down in the details of safety on the farm. Safety is important and should be considered in other aspects of risk management on your farm. The training resources throughout this website can be used to train your management team and or your employees. By completing your plan through this website, you will have a better understanding of what is needed for your specific employee trainings.

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First Chapter: Managing Risk