Weather Emergencies

Natural Disasters

-Storms, Tornados, Floods, etc.

  • City, County and State Emergency Management Agencies and Services are typically available for large disasters
  • Insurance companies
  • Prepare for localized and seasonal emergencies
    • pop-up thunder storms
    • localized flash flooding
    • ¬†high winds

Now that you have an overview of the specific emergencies which can occur on your farm, start your plan page in this manner:

  1. Talk with sheriff or local official about the decision to evacuate or remain in place.
    • Make decision based on this and the plan
  2. Use siren or speaker system to communicate with guests/employees and give authority.
  3. Employees know to respond by:
    • Directing traffic out of farm OR
    • Directing guests to the designated shelter area
  4. Get remaining employees or even guests to safest location.
  5. Communicate end of threat or event to all remaining at location.
  6. Refer to “Medical Emergencies” or other section if necessary.

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