Equipment Failure -Guest Safety


  • Wheel comes off wagon
  • Zip line – stuck in middle
  • Gates down, animals out
  • Blower out on Jumping Pillow
  • Diesel tractor runs out of fuel
  • Animals escape enclosures

What to do:

  • Keep maintenance schedules for all equipment as necessary.
  • Establish protocol of emptying wagons and other people movers in case of break-down.
  • Establish protocol for different scenarios relating to zip lines, slides and related activities.

Equipment Failures

  • Determine if anyone is injured.
  • If someone is injured:
    • Refer to Medical Emergencies and follow procedures list.
  • If there are no injuries:
    • Implement protocol to get customers away from area of equipment failure in an orderly fashion.
    • Document failure, consider photos.
    • After all guests are away from area and attended to, complete an incident report form.
    • Determine if equipment can be fixed. Repair and document repairs with photos.
    • In certain situations, contact insurance company or legal before making repairs/changes.
    • Review safety procedures and reason for failure before resuming operation.


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