What’s Your Road Map

Now it is time to make a road map for each potential emergency at the farm. Your road map is the flipbook page for each potential emergency. Most emergencies can be categorized, as is done for you later in this workbook. You can begin the process individually or as a team. This road map section is to help you get the basics written down on each plan page.

Start Your Road Map

  1. Fill in pages, individually or with the management team.
  2. If the initial plan is done by one person, be sure to plan a meeting to review it with the management team BEFORE moving forward.
  3. When the plan is in good form, call together your support team to review. Details of who should be on your support team is in the next chapter.
  4. Make final adjustments to the plan after meeting with the support team. The support team might see the non-posting pages or might not. It depends on the nature of your business.
  5.  Update the flipbook with recommended changes.
  6. Implement the plan, make your flipbook to hang up on-site, use it and other materials to train employees.

Prepare…Respond & Mitigate…Recover…Improve Practices

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