Resources during our distancing

Dear AGPA community,

During this time of distancing, many of us are trying to find ways to keep in touch and keep healthy (both mentally and physically). At the same time, in our roles, we are also trying to support students and the needs that they have, whether it is getting set up to work from home, mental health challenges, or just continuing to progress through milestones like candidacy. To that end, we’ve set up some tools to try and help.

First, there is now an AGPA Slack that you can join at this link. That link is good until June 17, 2020.

Second, in an effort to help each other gather resources and get the word out without each of us having to reinvent the wheel, there’s an Airtable that is a resource hub. Anyone can contribute to it via this link ( or the form embedded below and anyone can view the list of resources via this link ( Please feel free to distribute both widely.