Tech in Ag Workshop Materials

Below, please find the resources related to our Tech in Ag workshops as funded by USDA-NIFA PD-STEP Award 2017-68010-25959. Workshops were originally offered from 2017-2019, and the materials generated as part of these workshops can be found here. Below, there are components as presented at the workshops:

  1. Introduction to Ohio agriculture and modern career opportunities (1 – Ohio Agriculture Background and Careers pptx)
  2. Materials related to soil nutrients, nutrient cycling, and using crop sensors to quantify nutrients
  3. Materials related to seeding rate and planting date impacts on crop growth and development
  4. Materials related to cover crop use
  5. Materials related to data analysis and statistics

Data generated from Activities in 2, 3, and 4 can be found in this Google Sheet:

Two additional extension presentations related to corn and soybean production can be found here:

Feel free to explore and utilize these materials in your classrooms!

Materials were constructed with the help of Education Projects and Partnerships, LLC (

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