Leaving on a Jet Plane

Thanks for following the adventures of the 2019 UK study abroad group! As the Ohio State resident director (until Dr. Buck joins us later this week), I get to make the inaugural post!

We left Columbus this afternoon around 3 and just arrived for our layover in Philadelphia. We’ll head out of Philly at 6:40 PM and are scheduled to arrive at Heathrow around 6:45 AM local time (or a little before 2 AM in Ohio; the UK is about 5 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time). We’ll meet up with our friends from Arkansas and Tennessee at the airport to start our UK adventure.

No rest for the weary: We’ll start our sightseeing tour of London as soon as we make it through baggage claim and customs! I’m most excited for our visit to Kensington Palace, which just opened two new exhibits celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria. As both a history nerd and a lifelong Anglophile, I can’t wait to explore London with our students!

Be sure to check back daily for updates on our trip. Each day, a new student will blog about his or her experiences, so follow along as we continue our travels through England and Scotland.