This place Rocks!

We are about half way through our United Kingdom education abroad adventures. So far we have explored London and Bath, indulging in the culture and opening our eyes to a different world of agriculture.

Today we traveled south east, from Bath towards Stonehenge. This ancient wonder of the world remains as an unknown artifact. There is still very little we know about this circle of stones, such as:

* Why was it built?
* How did they build it?
* How did they transport the massive stones?

This 5,000 year old monument has stood the test of time. While there, students were able to see a remarkable piece of history, a testament of what humanity is capable of.

Emily Beal, a junior says, “its interesting that no one knows why it’s here or how it was built, but it’s cool to see it in person, when you’ve only ever seen it in pictures.”

All in all, Stonehenge rocked, pun intended!

Following this wonder, our group headed north to Stratford-Upon-Avon. The town where the famous writer William Shakespeare lived. Dating back centuries, one can see the river Avon run through this historic city.

With time to explore, students were able to dine at some local restaurants and stroll the city. Many students even attended one of William Shakespeare’s plays, “The Taming of the Shrew” at The Royal Shakespeare Company.

This play is about the relationship between a women of high status and an unpleasant man. The comedy shows how the women tricks the man into becoming obedient.

Student Alli Lee, a sophomore said, “I understood more than I thought I would.”

Although the play is dated and a bit hard to follow, students enjoyed seeing work by one of the most famous writers in history.

Photo taken by: Dr. Buck

Overall, today was a great day for students. Tomorrow we will tour various farms, getting back to our roots of agriculture.