Driving Through History One Hole at A Time

We started off bright and early, not forgetting to get a much needed breakfast before we began our journey for the day. Once in a while god gives you the chance to make a lifetime decision, today was one of those chances I just couldn’t let go. After arriving in St.Andrews we visited the beach where we all got a chance explore and admire the wonders of the ocean. Once our ocean view needs were satisfied many of us separated into groups exploring St.Andrews history and boutiques.

Finally I was given the chance of a lifetime to play a game of 18 holes of golf on one of St.Andrews famous courses. Being a fan of golf and follower of many players this was a dream come true and a story that many of my friends and some family would be jealous of. I know we are nearing the end of this amazing journey so I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone on this trip from The Ohio State university for all the fun, friendship and every lasting memories