Castles, shopping and tea!

Well, sadly we have reached our final full day of our trip. We needed last night as a group reflecting on the two weeks, and it is clear everyone has grown from this experience and will have many great memories to last a lifetime.

This morning we taxied everyone to Edinburgh Castle to see one of the prettiest castles and most historic, along with the Scottish Crown Jewels. After exploring, students broke off and explored the city by shopping, eating and checking out cultural sights. Some took the chance to have formal tea at the National Scottish Portrit Gallery and a few have headed into Glasgow to watch a real football game. Below are a few pictures of tea!


Both Dr Specht and I have had an amazing time with this group of students  they challenged themselves to try new things, meet new people and explore new places  we couldn’t ask for a better trip. Please enjoy a few more pictures as we all pack up all our goodies and dirty laundry for the long trip home!