A full Saturday!

Today our group left Bath bright and early for our stop at Stonehenge on our way to London. Needless to say for those that saw me today, Stonehenge was my most highly anticipated part of our trip. My fascination with Stonehenge began when I took a GE archaeology class, and it has been at the top of my bucket list ever since. I must say, leaving the hotel in Bath at 7:45am was not fun, but it was worth it to be on one of the first tour buses to arrive at the site. The weather was perfect. Cool and clear with a little wind and a bright blue sky. We got on the shuttle to the site and I had my face glued to the window, determined to catch my first glimpse of the stones. When they finally came into view it was all could do to not sprint off the bus and up the path. I was in awe. Although the site was smaller than I had expected, it was not at all underwhelming. I couldn’t believe I was finally witnessing thousands of years of history before my eyes. After everyone recovered from their initial amazement, we took every touristy group photo we could think of. We laughed and posed, some even jumped (me). Everyone seemed truly happy to be there to witness history and make it our own, as so many have done before us. Slowly, groups returned to the visitor center. We all piled back on to the bus, and had one last look at Stonehenge on the road to London.

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It was another hour and a half before we reached London. Our tour guide met us at the Natural History Museum. He was a character, to say the least. He had no shortage of interesting facts for us as we bused around the city. Even when we were sitting in traffic he would point out individual shops or buildings of historical significance. While we weren’t able to stop and visit all the attractions, the tour gave us glimpses of sights such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the Tower of London, just to name a few. The tour really gave me a better sense of London as a city, so I think I will be less scared to go and explore when we have free time. After the tour we checked into the hotel and several groups split off to get dinner. As I we were walking around (getting lost) I kept having to remind myself that I was really in London. It’s such a beautiful and historic city, I cant wait to go out and do some exploring over the next few days.

-Amanda Jones

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