A Royal Affair- The Bath and West Livestock Show

With a background in showing livestock through 4-H and FFA, I was extremely eager to attend The Royal Bath and West Livestock Show. I had seen some photos of livestock in England from magazines I had seen prior to the trip, but was really excited to see the many different breeds and spot the differences between American versions of the same species.

There was a HUGE difference! The sheep were much shorter and stockier. There were a lot of breeds I had never heard of before today. I got to see a lot of uncommon wool breeds of sheep. The pigs were very skinny and there were quite a few heritage breeds that I also had not heard of before, such as the Kunekune pig and the Welsh pig. The cattle were all their “breed” colors. For example, a lot of American cattle breeds are black but are not in England. The horses were similar and the dairy breeds looked very similar.

Below is a photo gallery of the day! Enjoy!

-Brianna Gwirtz

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