Year in Review

A Year in Review: Since coming to OSU, have you seen any personal growth into who you are now? What were your expectation and preconceived notions about college and HSS? Were those initial expectations met? What are your goals for your 2nd Year in HSS and at OSU?

My experience at college has definitely lived to my expectations of tough and chaotic but fun. I had the freedom to join any extracurricular and explore my interests. At the same time, I learned how to manage my time over the past two semesters. My professors introduced new study methods also. I feel like now I know where my limits are and how much I can build my potential from there. My goals for my 2nd year in HSS is to do more service and do better academically.


Upperclassmen Interview: A: Academic Enrichment: Please interview an upperclassmen who is pursuing a similar major/career path. Take about 15-20 minutes in asking them specific questions regarding the intended career path and how they are preparing themselves.


I interviewed Kajol Anandani, an upperclassman majoring in Molecular Genetics. I asked her about the struggles of freshman year, and how to overcome any mistakes in the following years. She said freshman year is tough for everyone and that pre-med students are usually discouraged from continuing on their track that year. She talked about what she messed up on and how its ok to change your major. Kajol also encouraged me to keep trying hard in the next few years because the mistakes can be fixed.


Service: S: Summarize your time spent volunteering for 20 hours over the past year. Next, describe your most memorable service experience. What makes this experience the most memorable? What was your role? What did you gain as a result of this experience? Please include the what, where, who and for how long at each place you volunteered. This should be 2-3 paragraphs.


My most memorable service experience was probably the day of MLK national day of service. My best friend and I went to a new library in a poor suburb of Columbus where they had a huge warehouse of books and the library was an abandoned elementary school. Looking through childhood books and seeing how much work actually goes behind making a public library made the experience really memorable. I volunteered at this library for 3 and a half hours with a group of 13 people.


My role was to sort through donated movies and CDs and separate the damaged ones into a trash pile. Towards the end of the shift, I started to collect the trash piles of books and media that were to be recycled. It was hard to throw away so many books. It made me realize how people don’t take care of books, and when those books are donated, they are thrown away into landfills.




[“Career” is where you can collect information about your experiences and skills that will apply to your future career.  Like your resume, this is information that will evolve over time and should be continually updated.   For more information, go to: Delete these instructions and add your own post.]



Picture 1: I had a relaxing day with friends during the middle of the semester. We went to Kingmakers, which is a board game shop where friends can play games all day long while drinking various beverages.

Picture 2: I started volunteering with an organization called ‘Guiding Eyes for the Blind’ where we train puppies to be guide dogs.

Picture 3: I joined a competitive dance team called ‘Buckeye Fusion’, and it is my way of dealing with physical activity and stress relief.

I have a clear understanding that if I do not get into medical school, my plan B is to go into research. I changed my major from biomedical engineering to molecular genetics. Molecular genetics cancer research interests me because it discusses how DNA plays a part in cancer, how mutations occur, etc. My secondary major would be biochemistry since molecular genetics has similar topics crossed over with biochemistry, like organic chemistry and anatomy. I can utilize campus and internet resources to look for job opportunities and internships in molecular genetics using the department of molecular genetics webpage and research organization websites.

My plan to stay healthy and well while balancing academics and social commitments is by continuing my passion for dance. My staying with Buckeye Fusion, there is a total of 7 hours of physical activity a week. I will be able to stick to it since the scheduled practices are late at night, and the competitions are on the weekends during second semester.

In order for me to stay on my plan A track, I can schedule appointments with professors, upperclassmen, and counselors in order to determine the next step in my journey, every step of the way. I can ask them for advice on how to study for certain classes or how to prepare for exams.

About Me


Hi there! I am a BME pre-major on the pre-med track participating in the Health Science Scholars program. Originally from San Jose, California, I am excited to explore the city of Columbus and what it has to offer me academically and socially. My hobbies include hiking, sightseeing, drawing, baking, and playing board games. My favorite subjects are math and psychology.