Scholarships and Opportunities


The Foundry Club at Ohio State has the fortune of being closely linked with two extremely generous organizations in the Foundry Industry, AFS and FEF.  Each of these organizations provides monetary donations for scholarships that are guaranteed to go to students who are members of the Foundry Club at The Ohio State University.

Our Club is one of the strongest on campus, averaging $11,200 earned each academic year!

Additionally, Foundry Club sends several students every year the the FEF College Industry Conference (CIC). This is a foundry career fair attendees are eligible for additional scholarships.

Current Scholarship Opportunities

For a full list of AFS scholarship opportunities, please follow the link here.

For a full list of FEF scholarship opportunities, please follow the link here.

Elizabeth Sturges (left) and Tori Hicks (right) both received scholarships from the Central Ohio AFS Chapter at the January monthly meeting.