There are no requirements for anyone to join the Foundry Club at The Ohio State University.  We highly encourage new people to come to a meeting or visit the foundry to see what we are about.  We have found that diversity in our group can lead to huge rewards due to the increased level of ingenuity and growth as a club.

Though we do not have any fees, we do require that all members join the Foundry Education Foundation (FEF).  FEF is free to join and acts to help students connect to industry professionals and helps with professional placement after college.   You can join FEF HERE.

We also highly encourage students to join the American Foundry Society (AFS).  This is a $20 fee, and $15 of the fee is returned to the club for activity expenses If you would like join AFS please do so  HERE.

** You can also sign up to join our e-mail List-Serve HERE **