AFS Scholarship Night

Last night at the AFS Scholarship meeting, four scholarships were awarded to Foundry Club students! Every year the Central Ohio Chapter of AFS awards scholarships to the students at Ohio State. This year there were four recipients from the club: Sarah Ridgeway (senior), Try Lewis (senior), Milo Gill (junior), Rebecca Vilcheck (junior). Scholarships are awarded based on interest in casting operations and involvement with the club. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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Ohio State – Skuld First Ductile Iron Heat

The Light Metals Manufacturing and Research Group (LMMRL) is collaborating with Skuld to cast thin walled ductile iron for light weighting of automotive vehicles. This marks the first time that iron has been poured at The Ohio State Foundry in 10 years.  The casting effort was conducted by members of the LMMRL, Foundry Club and Skuld.  Check out some of the photos from our the first pour and stay tuned for more information!

OSU-Skuld Collaboration Relining Furnace for Ductile Iron!

The Ohio State University and Skuld LLC ( were recently awarded funding from the United States DOE to study reduced wall thickness in Ductile Iron. In doing so The Ohio State University Foundry is back on-line for pouring ferrous materials again!  Take a look at some of our images from our relining of our Iron Furnace and Ladle!


Inspiration for your next casting?

Any of you have  any desire to cast something please check out this YouTube Channel, Alumitube.  There is a link below showing him casting a full size Bow.  We are capable of doing everything shown in these videos.  Our 3D printer can print the parts in pieces which we can then assemble to make a full scale design.

Be sure to let us know ( if you have any ideas you would like to cast and we can help you make it happen!


OSU Success at FEF CIC

The American Foundry Society Buckeye Student Chapter sent six students to the FEF Conference Industry Conference in Chicago in November, 2018.

Highlights from the event included:

Troy Lewis accepted an intern position with General Motors in their Die Cast plant in Bedford, Indiana.

Sarah Ridgeway accepted an intern position with Harrison Steel Casting Co. located in Attica, Indiana.

Colin Ridgeway received the Loper Award.

The Chapter would like to say a special congrats to Wil Tinker who was the 2018 E.J. Walsh Award Recipient.  The E.J. Walsh Award was is the highest honor FEF currently bestows on the person who has given outstanding service over the years to the goals and ideals of FEF.  Congrats Wil! And thank you for your support to our student chapter at OSU!!


C. Ridgeway Wins Loper Award at FEF CIC 2018

Colin Ridgeway was announced the winner of the 2018 Loper award at the annual Foundry Education Foundation’s College Industry Conference ( FEF, CIC).  The award is an annual award given in honor of Dr. Carl R. Loper Jr.  Dr. Loper served as an FEF Key Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for over 30 years. Dr. Loper is an Honorary Life Member of the AFS (Howard Taylor Award, Penton Gold Medal, Hoyt Memorial Lecture), a Fellow Member of the American Society for Materials, and a member of the American Welding Society (Adams Memorial Award). He has also received the Merton C. Flemings Award from the Manufacturing Processes Institute and the EJ Walsh Award from FEF.

After receiving the award, Colin  said it was an “Honor to be recognized with a name as prestigious as Dr. Loper, and I am extremeley grateful to the Loper family for their generousity.” The award was accompanied by a $3,000 Scholarship.

Colin with the Loper Family

2018 FEF CIC Award Recipients


Central Ohio AFS to Visit OSU 10-18-2018

The Central Ohio American Foundry Society will visit The Ohio State Foundry Club Thursday (10-18-2018)  The meeting will be held in 161 MacQuigg Hall and is open to everyone!  Food will be provided for students.  Come check out what is going on in the OSU Foundry Club!


When: Thursday (10-18-2018)

Where: 160 MacQuigg Hall

Time: 6-8PM


Please e-mail Colin ( if you have any questions!


Walters Wins OSU’s 2nd FEF Non-Ferrous Scholarship

It has just been announced that Jacqui Walters has won the 2018 FEF Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society Scholarship.  This scholarship has a value of $1,000 and is given to students based on their education, work experience and an essay prompt.

Jacqui becomes the second OSU recipient of this award behind Adam Hodges who won this award in 2015.

Congrats Jacqui!

Time in the Foundry

Some of our new and old members had a blast yesterday morning making aluminum stadiums and book ends. They learned some techniques to make the most successful casings and had fun while doing it.  Join us for our next time in the foundry on Tuesday, February 6th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM!

Columbus Blue Jackets Fundraiser

Join the American Foundry Society: Buckeye Student Chapter at the Columbus Blue Jackets v. San Jose Sharks hockey game on Friday, February 2nd at 7:00 PM at Nationwide Arena to cheer for your favorite team!  A portion of your ticket will be donated back to the organization so we can host new and exciting events!

Tickets can be purchased for $40 and seats are located in the lower bowl Section 119 (Rows R and U), Section 120 (Rows T and U), and Section 121 (Rows R, S, and T).  Purchase tickets here!

We look forward to seeing you there!