J.A.D.E Freight LLC.

Welcome to the J.A.D.E Freight LLC. AEV project homepage! Here one can find information such as timelines and progress reports as well as the designs and modifications we have made to our AEV.

The Approach:

To comply with the time constraints, J.A.D.E. Freight LLC. has broken the project into a couple major phases. The first phase consists of concept design and analysis. The second phase consists of collecting data and making revisions. The final phase will consist of a  presentation of the research and our final build of the AEV.

The first phase is all about research. This is when we prototype designs and hardware to see what would work best for our task. Our group is currently in the foreground of innovation because we are the first group to use three motors.

The second phase is our data phase. This is when we run our prototype and collect data based on its performance. The data will be used to tweak the design and achieve maximum efficiency.

The third phase is the presentation. Here we will present our finding to our peers. Our build will be finalized and debugged of all major issues. The AEV will then be tested against the other groups designs to see whose idea is the most efficient.