Group N’s AEV Project


Group N: Jack Allbright, Colin Staten, Matthew Krohnheimer, Quin Deval

The Mission

With the growing strength of the Galactic Empire after the destruction of the Death Star, the Rebel army needs to prepare to face them.  However, the R2D2 units that are needed are not at the necessary location and need to be recovered.  To retrieve them, an Advance Energy Vehicle (AEV) needs to be built in order to maximize the limited resources and energy.  The team was tasked with creating this vehicle that would be efficient and able to navigate the monorail system effectively.  Efforts were consistently focused on reducing the amount of time that the AEV took to complete the tasks, on improving the overall energy efficiency, and reducing mass to allow for enhanced mobility.

Site Organization

The documentation of Group N’s AEV project for 1182 SP17 is presented throughout this site:

-Under Lab Progression, each Progress Report is included as a part of the documentation for the updates made during each individual lab along with a description of  what was achieved during the lab process.

-Under Code Progress is each weeks progression of the code

-Under Weekly Meeting Minutes the meeting notes and schedule are outlined


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