AEV Objective

The team’s main objective is to build, improve and improvise upon the AEV Models as well as contributing to “smart” technology using modern practices of programming, mechanical engineering and safety testing. The priorities of this team include developing technology that is efficient to use in the transportation system, developing technology that is safe enough to practice and use and finally finalizing that technology as pioneers of the modern world.

The transportation system in Columbus, Ohio is especially troublesome in that neighborhoods more on the outskirts of Columbus does not have clear access to supermarkets that provide fresh produce. Therefore, there tends to be a lack of nutrients among the people living there. Transportation to the supermarkets are also difficult to get, and many people prefer the convenience of buying food that is not fresh among convenience stores. With the AEV Model technology, this team is able to develop prototypes of transportation for potential rail trains to help those people get to where they want to go. Efficiency is one of our greatest priorities, so it does not feel like a hassle to get to where they want to go.

The team’s main priority is always safety. It is important that the people riding the transportation to the main parts of Columbus know that what they are riding on is reliable and safe. The team puts into practice repetitive testing of the AEV Model prototypes as well as constant testing of the parts of the prototypes. This is to ensure that the chance of a safety violation is at its absolute minimal when it actually becomes public.

If this project is successful, it will be finalized and this important transportation technology will be a pioneer in developing a “smarter” city with routes everywhere to transport people where they want to go. It will revolutionize the way modern cities think about transportation technology and provide a massive boost overall to the pushing forward of society.