Missing WASDE

In the absence of a USDA WASDE report tomorrow (due to the government shutdown), AEDE Farm Management Program Manager Ben Brown (with editorial help from AEDE Student Services Coordinator Sarah Cole) penned a poem expressing his shared frustration:

Twas the night before the planned release of the WASDE, and all through USDA,

not a creature was stirring, as work remained at bay.

The speculators keeping close watch on Brazil and their rain,

have gained control of setting the price for our grain.

While Congressmen and women spend time debating a wall,

some farmers- in need of their FSA office- worry if they’ll make it to fall.

The expected positive price news in the USDA report will have to wait,

till the impasse breaks way and we get a new update.

Apparently the government shutdown affects the psychological well-being of more than just the government workers.

Nice job Ben.

I think.