Year in Review

This year has been very eye-opening and full of growth. I opened myself to new experiences and challenges and learned more about myself because of it. I got my first job at the Union in which I gained valuable work experience. I learned how to manage my time and also how to communicate effectively with customers. I also joined YoungLife and was able to build and grow in my faith and identity. I also learned more about what career I want to pursue. After I attended various medical school panels, I decided that I wanted to drop pre-med and become a radiation therapist. I am thankful for this realization and my friends and faculty that helped me through this transition. It has been a great year!


I volunteered with various clubs and organizations this year. The first semester of my freshman year I participated in the school’s community commitment day. As a part of this service, I went to a nearby elementary school and helped ready the classrooms for the upcoming school year. Later on in the year, I volunteered with Garden of Hope to help harvest the vegetables as well as get the garden ready for winter. Around Christmas time I volunteered at a local church and helped gift wrap shoe boxes for inner-city kids.

During my second semester, I also participated in various service opportunities. I volunteered with a club on campus called Breathe Hope to make paper roses to pass out during Valentine’s Day. I also volunteered with the James Hospital and tied blankets for patients at the hospital. Additionally, as a part of a club I’m in, I helped organize a community service showcase in which many organizations came to offer students volunteer opportunity. This past week I also volunteered with my church to make cards for hospitalized kids.

I expanded my Global Awareness by attending various events held by OUAB at Ohio State. One of the events I attended was the Terry Crews event in which toxic masculinity and stigmas around sexual assault. Additionally, I attended the Jameela Jamil discussion which was centered around self -love and body positivity.

Additionally, I experienced Leadership Development by helping to organize a community service event for Morrill Scholars. As a team, some students and I met up once a month to bring service organizations to Ohio State. Through this event, students looking for places to volunteer could come by and find an organization they are interested in.

About Me

Hello! My name is Ruth Adewuyi and I am a freshman at Ohio State University. I am currently a part of the Health Sciences Scholars Program as well as the Morrill Scholarship Program. I am also pursuing a Biology degree on the pre-med track and am hoping to become a pediatrician in the future. I chose this path because I love learning about all things related to health sciences as well as taking care of kids, and for me being a pediatrician seems like a good mixture of both.

Over this past summer, I had the privilege of volunteering at Dorian Bible Camp for two weeks in which I was the cabin leader for ten very energetic kids between the ages eleven and thirteen. This was an eye-opening experience for me as I was able to connect one-on-one with these kids as well as see how unique each of the kids’ backgrounds were and see how their experiences now, as children, were shaping them into the adults they were becoming. Watching these young campers interact with each other, and being so full of life reaffirmed my dream of becoming a doctor that not only helps take care of children’s health, but their well-being. So I hope that through my academic journey I learn not only the skills needed to be an excellent doctor, but also the skills needed for me to form meaningful connections with my patients and their families.


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