Maintaining Motivation Blog Post

I am happy that this class is over but sad at the same time because it is one of the few classes I’ve taken at school that I enjoyed. I liked learning all of the new stuff because I love anything that has to do with organisation and helping productivity. I liked the assignment where we had to basically do like a show and tell of a useful app or website because those sites/apps I feel like always amp themselves up then you use it for 2 minutes and you’re over it, whereas if another student describes how they implement it, I’m way more likely to try it.

I am going to look through that assignment and without trying them all out at once, skim through and see which ones interest me to bookmark and save to try in the future so that I don’t lose them all when the class is officially over.

Motivation in itself is super important when it comes to anything, school work, home life, work life, everything really. I know some days I get super unmotivated at work and it can be really bad. I literally do not feel like doing anything and I have to really push myself to do like anything.

Searching and Researching Blog Post

I like the assignment for recording all of our useful resources because it made me go back and look at all of them to see which ones I wanted to keep in addition to what I already saved. My favorite from the list I made was the keyboard shortcut list which I have already saved at work to use and the Noisli sound site. I am currently listening to the waves wishing I was still in Myrtle Beach.

This weeks topic of searching and researching for info for like research papers or other school assignments was useful because I am definitely guilty of what the one girl did from “shopaholics” I definitely just google blindly. I’ve seen the term boolean before so that was just sort of a refresher but I think I need to start using it more for sure because it just makes sense. I also need to start venturing towards other search sites besides Google, but that’s so hard to say because it’s just so easy to use! It’s so easy to find basic sites that just scratch the surface of topics but finding ones that actually go into detail on things can also be too much to read, I’m an advanced skimmer for information because sadly I hate reading.

Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

Coming to you from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because I didn’t do my assignment ahead of time!

I liked this weeks topic because I think it relates to me very well. I am horrible at being distracted during lectures which is why I opt to take paper notes, I also don’t like carrying my laptop with me everywhere I go. I liked the exercise with the two different methods on note taking because even though I had already learned what those two types were, I liked how the video like showed them in action. The difference between the two made a lot more sense after watching the video since I saw them being used in real time.

It’s very important to be “present” in class. I put that word in quotation marks because just because you’re physically there doesn’t mean you are present. I don’t know how many lectures I’ve gone to because they took attendance and then sat on my phone or laptop the whole time and didn’t really pay attention. Who did that benefit? Definitely wasn’t me. I need to be more “present” during lectures because it’s a waste of time if I am not. My mind can also wonder, so I need to work on active listening as well in classes that I am in.

Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

This weeks topic was very interesting and held my attention well because I have issues with both of the topics we learned about. I am horrible when it comes to how to study, this has became a difficult thing to admit because I was such a good student in high school and now (given that I never really learned to study) I have a hard time really learning in depth concepts in my courses I’m taking. I think if I knew how to study better, I might enjoy school more because it wouldn’t be as stressful. I enjoyed looking through the different study sites because that kind of stuff can be fun to make for me and I feel like just entering in the information helps you when it comes to memorizing it. Since you’re already learning it when you enter the info into the system, you’re already sneakily introducing yourself to it, therefore helping yourself remember/learn it. I need to try to actively remember what I’m reading about when I am reading it and have limited distractions. I already use Quizlet and I listed it as a suggested site so that others can use it as well. I like the site because it’s a site I could definitely see myself using both for school and just for life in general.

First Weekly Post – Module 2 – Communicating and Collaborating Blog Post

Hello & welcome to my blog post!

I am writing this towards a student audience, I hope it can be a resource to a future student and someone gets some use out of it besides me getting a grade.

This week we learned about communication and collaboration when using the internet. I think this is very important because I don’t think there is a job today that doesn’t have some sort of communicating over the internet. Whether it’s Skype IM or email like I use at my every day job or just the internet in general, it’s a very big thing in today’s world.

I specifically liked the slides & video about “netiquette” because I don’t think people my age (and younger) now a days realize how important that is and the fact that it will only become more important with time. The things I see posted on social media now a days kill me, and I mean that in the sense that I see it and just think “oh my gosh, I cannot believe they just posted that”. Now I get that there are sites and accounts made for just humor and that it’s an outlet for people, I totally get that, but somethings just shouldn’t have your personal name attached to it when shared, if that makes sense.

Relating to that slide and video, it was found here:

and it was slide # 4 for reference.

To some up this weeks lesson, I think it’s very important for everyone now a days to learn how to properly communicate on the internet. The internet is here, it’s now, and it’s definitely not going away so we all just better get used to it and learn how to use it to our advantage.