Adams County Jr Fair King and Queen Contest

The 2020 Adams County Junior Fair Royalty applications are available at…/4-h-youth-develo…/policies-and-forms.  Applicants must be a current member of a Junior Fair organization between 16 and 18 years of age as of January 1.  The Queen, King and their court serve as positive role models throughout the Adams County Fair and beyond.

Applications are due by June 1, 2020 and can be submitted at  Dates and times of interviews and crowning are subject to change.

Livestock Registration Links

In place of on site tag-in or mail in registration for 2020 we will be using an online submission form to register animals for the Adams County Junior Fair.  Livestock tags will not be distributed prior to fair check-in.  If your animal has an existing tag, tattoo, or ear notch, please enter that information in the appropriate box of the form.  If your animal does not have a tag or other identification and you are able to tag it using a farm tag you are free to do so.

All market animals will be required to upload photos as an additional identification method.  Breeding animals will not require photos.

Below are the links for each species.  These links and other important livestock information can also be found on our Livestock Projects Page or Horse Program Page.

2020 ACJF Market Goat Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Market Lamb Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Feeder Calf Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Market Hog Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Equine Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Beef Breeding  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding/Dairy/Other Goat Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Dairy Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding Sheep Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding Swine Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding Rabbit Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Poultry Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Market Rabbit Registration is coming soon!  Due June 18

For Market Livestock Exhibitors:
You will be required to upload 3 photos for each market animal you are registering, 1 of each side and one front/tag view.  Make sure to include all the required information listed on the registration submission.  If you are tagging in a “family animal” be sure to include it on one of the registration forms.  If the “family animal” box is checked, you can switch exhibitors at fair check in.  Each exhibitor MUST have at least one animal that is not a family animal.

For Horse Exhibitors:
If the horse is leased, you should upload the completed Lease Agreement.  If you are participating in the Shared Horse Program, please be sure to complete the Shared Horse Agreement and upload it as well.  These forms can be found at

If you have questions, please contact the office at 937-544-2339 or e-mail Kristy at or Barbie at

Adams County Junior Fair Quality Assurance

Youth Quality Assurance is an important part of the educational experience for 4-H and FFA members.  Members who plan to exhibit livestock at the 2020 Adams County Fair will be required to complete Quality Assurance prior to exhibition.  The Ohio Department of Agriculture has waived the 45 day before exhibition rule for 2020 only.  ODA has also authorized OSU Extension to deliver Quality Assurance virtually with specific guidelines.

This gives us greater flexibility in planning and delivering the required material to our members.  In Adams County the following options will be available to meet the Quality Assurance requirement for 2020.

Virtual Quality Assurance via Zoom – Kristy will be offering 5 sessions of Quality Assurance through May and early June.  Members must register for the session at least 48 hours prior to the start time and will be emailed a link 24 hours in advance of the session.  Members will need to log in using a computer or the Zoom app available for free to download to your device.  Members will be required to view material, respond to questions and type into the chat box.  If you do not have a microphone on your computer, you can communicate through the chat option.  Register at  All 5 sessions will cover large and small animal QA and are open to all Adams County 4-H and FFA members.  Attendance will be limited to 40 families per Zoom session.

Online YQCA – For 2020, online YQCA is an approved option to complete Quality Assurance training.  The online course costs $12 per member and each child will be required to have a unique email address.  A help sheet providing step by step instructions for families interested in utilizing this online option is available on the Livestock tab of the Adams County Extension page.  The $12 fee associated with this option is not refundable, cannot be waived by nor is it paid to OSU Extension Adams County.

There will be no test out option for 2020.  Clubs and chapters will receive a list of members who need to be certified from the Extension office.  If you have questions regarding Quality Assurance please contact Kristy at or Barbie at


Spring Tag-In Goes Virtual

Spring tag-in for the 2020 Adams County Junior Fair will be done online due to the restrictions in place during COVID-19.  Exhibitors will complete online forms to register their livestock for the fair using a combination of photos and farm tags, scrapie id’s and ear notches for identification purposes.  Official fair tags will not be distributed prior to fair check in.  Online registrations are due May 13, 2020 for market goats, market lambs, market hogs and feeders calves.

Both 4-H and FFA members planning to exhibit livestock at the 2020 Adams County Fair will need to complete this online registration.  You will need to submit 3 photos of your animal, one of each side and a front/tag/ear notch view.  Sheep and goats are required to have a scrapie id and cannot be registered without this number.  If your market hog does not have ear notches or a tag or your feeder calf does not have a tag, it is preferable for you to tag these animals prior to submitting your registration.  If you are unable to self tag these animals, please email Kristy at for further instructions.

2020ACJF Market Goat Registration

2020ACJF Market Lamb Registration

2020 ACJF Feeder Calf Registration

2020ACJF Market Hog Registration

Members enrolled in these projects were emailed the links on April 22, 2020 to the email address provided during enrollment.  If you did not receive an email and are enrolled in one of these projects, please notify the office.

Horse, dairy, breeding livestock, market rabbit, poultry, and specialty goat online submission forms will be released in the near future.

If you have questions regarding the market registration forms please contact the office at 937-544-2339, or

Market Hog Exhibitor Information

The deadline to submit market hog registration cards and pictures has been extended to May 13 for 2020.  We have been unable to distribute hog tags in the usual way and are working with the Adams County Senior Fair Board to finalize a new process.  We will notify exhibitors by email when we have further details.

If you are purchasing your market hog projects, please remember to have the producer sign the required affidavit stating that the animals are ractopamine free from birth until the time of purchase.  The producer affidavit can be found at along with the exhibitor affidavit.  Both of these signed and completed forms will be submitted at the time of fair weigh in.

Livestock Exhibitor Information Available

4-H livestock exhibitors and head advisors should have received livestock exhibitor information via email.  Species other than swine went out on March 3 and swine information was distributed on March 8.  Please pay close attention to the livestock exhibitor letter and project requirement chart you received and mark your calendar with important dates.  These documents can also be found here on our county website.

If you did not receive this email, please check with the office to be sure we have the correct email address on file.  Email us at or call 937-544-2339.


Adams County Fair Market Hog Show Ractopamine Free in 2020

The Adams County Fair Market Hog show will be Ractopamine, known by brand names Paylean, Engain, etc., free this year.  This is a market driven decision that will give our junior fair exhibitors the best chance to receive a fair packer bid on their market hog project.  The process to ensure a ractopamine free show is still being finalized.  Exhibitors and their parents or guardians should expect to sign an affidavit certifying their project has not been fed ractopamine.  These documents will be sent via email to all members enrolled in a market hog project and will be available on our county website as soon as they are approved.

When choosing your animals, you should confirm that they have not been fed ractopamine and you should not offer it as a feed.  In order to prevent cross contamination from previous market hog projects, exhibitors should thoroughly clean pens, trailers, feeders, fans, etc.  The attached fact sheet provides further information to consider.  Additional information compiled by the Ohio Pork Council, The Ohio State University, the Ohio State Fair and the Ohio Department of Agriculture can be found at


Shared Horse Program New for 2020

Adams County 4-H will offer a unique opportunity for youth who want to enroll in a horse project but do not own a horse.  The Shared Horse Program will allow two 4-H members within the same club to share a horse for exhibition at the Adams County Fair.  The horse can be shown in a limited number of classes at the county fair and only one member can attempt to qualify through PAS.  Applications to share a horse must be submitted to the Extension office and approved by May 15.

For more information on the Shared Horse Program or to download the form visit or contact the Extension Office.


Changes Coming for Market Hog Exhibitors

Many of you raising or showing market hogs have heard the recent buzz about ractopamine, often referred to by the brand names Paylean, Engain, etc.  Ractopamine is an FDA approved feed additive that is sometimes used to increase rate of gain and build muscle.  Recently, several meat packers have notified their suppliers that they will no longer purchase hogs that have been fed ractopamine.  This list of packers include buyers for many fairs in Ohio.

The Adams County Senior Fair Board and OSU Extension Adams County are aware of this situation.  We are currently working to gather information that will enable us to vote on rules for our 2020 fair.  The Ohio State Fair has announced they will be ractopamine free for 2020 which means animals fed the feed additive cannot show at State Fair.  Many counties are moving towards this ban on ractopamine but the manner in which it will be enforced varies greatly.    As we wait to receive guidance from the Ohio State Fair, I would encourage you to refrain from purchasing or feeding ractopamine in preparation for a possible ban on this substance.  Watch for more information as it becomes available.


New for 2020 – Family Animal Rule

The Adams County Junior and Senior Fair Boards have approved a rule change for the 2020 fair that will benefit families with multiple children exhibiting livestock.  The rule reads:

“Each large animal exhibitor will be required to designate at least one animal in his/her name.  A family can tag an additional two animals of that species per Junior Fair member as “family” animals.  Each exhibitor will have access to no more than three total animals in that species, including “family” animals. State Fair steers and heifers cannot be registered as a family animal.  Market rabbit exhibitors must tattoo in 1 pen (2 rabbits) in his/her name.  A family can tattoo one additional pen of rabbits as a “family” pen.  Each exhibitor will have access to no more than two pens of market rabbits, including “family” pens.  This rule does not apply to market poultry.  Family is defined as junior fair eligible youth who are legally siblings, half-siblings or step-siblings.”

This rule will allow families with multiple children showing to potentially purchase fewer animals and still have a safety net if an animal does not make weight, becomes injured or cannot show at the county fair.  For example, if a family has 3 children in a market hog project, each child must tag at least one hog in their name and the family can tag up to an additional two hogs in the family name.  The exhibitors will then designate whose name the hogs will be shown in when they weigh in at the fair.  All other rules pertaining to exhibition at the Adams County Fair still apply including enrollment deadlines, Quality Assurance and skillathon participation and other related Junior Fair rules.

If you have questions about this rule change, please contact the Extension Office by phone at 937-544-2339 or via email at