Ohio 4-H Conference Registration Due February 9th

The Ohio 4-H Conference will be held Saturday, March 9 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Registration costs $40, and is due Friday, February 9.

Link to Registration Form: reg form_0.pdf (ohio4h.org)

Print out, fill out, and turn into extension office!

The Ohio 4-H Conference is the largest gathering of teen and adult volunteers in the state! During the day volunteers will have the opportunity to attend five different sessions and three different workshops. These workshops and sessions will equip volunteers with new resources, group management strategies, activity ideas, and overall confidence. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to hear updates from the state departments and dive into various different project areas.

Link to Conference Booklet: 2024 O4HC Reg Book_1.pdf (ohio4h.org)

Make sure to look through the conference booklet before registering. You will need to select specific workshops and sessions to attend.

Need more to convince you?

Well after the conference the Ohio State Collegiate 4-H organization will be hosting a Plowboy Prom from 7-9:30 PM at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center. Cash entry of $5 due at door, dress code is 80s Disco. Be ready to boogie the night away!

Talk the Talk

Communications Contest Participants, left to right: Kole Henderson, Madee Henderson, Vanessa Trotter, JR Liston, and Erin Simpkins

Public speaking is a fear of many, but a skill that is important to have. However, a few brave 4-H’ers stepped up to test their presentation skills in this year’s Communications Contest.

The Communications Contest is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and present on an issue you are passionate about. Often contestants’ demonstrations will be about their 4-H project. Each youth is asked to give an illustrated talk or demonstration 5-10 minutes long, using visual aids or a slide show. They present in front of a judge and an audience.

This year, five competed at our county level contest on June 24, and qualified for the state contest on August 5. We were very impressed at our county contest and know they will represent Adams County proud.

Good luck to all contestants!

Top Five Reasons to Apply for Fair Royalty

Fair will be here before we know it, so don’t miss your chance to get involved. One way you become more involved at fair this year is through applying to be fair royalty. Being King or Queen of the 2021 Adams County Jr. Fair is high honor. But if you need more than just honor to apply, here are the top five reasons to apply for fair royalty.


  1. Tradition

Here in Adams County nothing is more sacred than the traditions we hold. Tradition is at the core of the fair, and is the reason why we still have fair royalty. Year after year, the contestants ride in the opening parade to their final presentation. And every year fair-goers excitingly watch to see who will be crowned king and queen.

We even have a Hall of Royalty in the Senior Fair Administration Building. Here the walls are lined with queens and kings from past years, all of whom proudly carried the crown. You never know, it could be hanging in the hall one day.


  1. Get-To-Know the Adams County Fair

When you become fair royalty, you don’t just get a sash and crown, it comes with responsibilities. It is the duty of the royalty court to work shows, passing out awards and congratulating exhibitors.

Through this work you will see more of the fair than ever before. You may be working shows you never attended before, and seeing firsthand the hard work exhibitors put into their projects. By the end of the week you will be an expert in most projects. You may even find a new project to exhibit next year.


  1. You are a Role Model

As royalty you will have many eyes watching you at all times. While this seems very intimidating, do not worry because people look at you with admiration. Adults and children alike know how prestigious the title is and look to you as an example.

Those who become fair royalty are the among the best and brightest our county has to offer. As fair royalty you can expect little kids wanting to talk to and take pictures with you. You also have the opportunity to get to know the exhibitors, and maybe even inspire them apply to be fair royalty.


  1. Visit Other Fairs

One really fun benefit of being fair royalty is you are strongly encouraged to visit other county fairs. Visiting other fairs not only builds strong relationships between the counties, but you also get to make friends from across the state.

When you are wearing your sash and crown, you are the literal embodiment of Adams County. This is a time to be proud and show off our county in the best light; highlight the best things our county has to offer.


  1. Life Long Memories

Being fair royalty means more responsibility and high expectations, but also lasting memories. Although fair week is long and hard work, you will cherish the connections you made during shows, and the time spent with fellow royalty. You will have new friends because of it, and new appreciation for fair.

Take my advice, this is an opportunity that left a major impact on me. I am so glad I had the chance to serve and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.

Carlie Cluxton, 2018 Adams County Jr. Fair Queen


Hopefully these reasons convinced you to apply for fair royalty. Remember only those who are 16-18 years old and currently involved in Jr. Fair can apply. Those who are serving as commodity ambassadors are also ineligible. Applications are due to the extension office by 4 p.m. on June 23rd.

Contest Rules


Good luck to all the applicants! We will see you on Friday, June 25th for preliminary interviews and formal wear presentation.



June 1st Deadlines

June 1st is “Junior Fair Entry Day”, here is a list of all forms and project registrations due to the extension office 4 p.m.

Make sure if these projects apply to you or your club members that they get these items turned in. Again the deadline is June 1st, by 4 p.m.